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What aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing children's gates

For parents, the safety and health of their children should be their top concern; for lively and active children, it should be that teenagers don’t know the sky and can’t wait to go wherever they want and crawl wherever they want. to where. After all, the first step to exploring the world is to start by stepping out. However, parents who are busy with work and family affairs, should not only have space for activities but also protect the safety of their babies to the greatest extent possible at home.
The child safety gate is a necessary item to prevent children from falling down the stairs, entering the kitchen, bathroom, or balcony, and ensuring that children play in a safe area at home.
When parents choose a security door, they often ignore some homework that must be done in advance. In fact, before deciding which security door to buy, there are two aspects that parents need to pay attention to.
Measure the distance in space that needs to be enclosed. How much distance does your children's gate need to cover? After all, just like buying any furniture, you must have the exact size, otherwise, the actual size will not match the purchased size. The same is true for the safety door. If you don't measure it well and find it is too short, you can't use it at all.
Measure your baby's height. The height of a qualified child safety gate is at least three-quarters of the height of the baby so that the safety of children can be scientifically guaranteed.

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