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How to choose the right children's retractable gate

Children's retractable gates are recommended by global child safety organizations to prevent children from falling downstairs, entering kitchens, bathrooms, or balconies, and ensuring children play in a safe area at home.
Before you decide which security door to buy, the first thing you need to do is the measure.
The first is to measure the distance of the space you need to enclose. How much distance do your children's gates need to cover, and no one wants to buy them back only to find that they are too short and can't be used at all.
Second: how tall is your baby. A qualified child safety gate should be at least three-quarters the height of your baby.
Parents should note that once your baby is over 36 inches (91.44 cm) tall or over 30 pounds (about 13.6 kg), you can no longer rely on the child's safety gate to restrain him to keep him safe.
Types of security retractable gates
Extruded child safety gate
This is the most common, and it is super easy to install. The working principle is similar to the shower curtain rod that supports the wall. If you follow the instructions correctly, it is actually very sturdy.
1. Easy to install and remove, so the cost of changing places is very low;
2. It does not need to be screwed into the wall or railing, and will not cause damage, so the original appearance of the wall or railing is protected to a large extent when removed.
1. It is a headache when the installation steps are incorrect because it is easy to drop repeatedly in this case;
2. It cannot be installed on a wall with a "corner";
3. Not suitable for stairs.

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