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What are the precautions for kid's room decoration

Install safety guardrails
The floors of the houses are relatively high, and protective fences must be installed in the home!
One is to prevent children from falling from climbing windows, and the other is to prevent children from falling from heights.
In addition, attention should be paid to the installation of guardrails:
①Choose fully enclosed/height greater than 1.5m as much as possible to prevent children from climbing;
②The distance between the guardrails is less than or equal to 11cm to prevent children from getting out;
③The vertical guardrail is better to prevent children from using the guardrail as a ladder.
②All-inclusive protective net.
Install foot mats at the bathroom door
The bathroom is a damp space in the home. After a child takes a bath or goes to steal water, his feet often come out with bare feet and soaked feet, and it is easy to step on them.
Install socket safety devices
Don't let the baby touch the "electric tiger" easily!
Children are very curious about the world, they won't even let go of the plug, they like to probe into the socket hole with their little fingers.
①The height of all sockets should be between 0.9-1.2 meters, that is, within the height range of children aged 0-7, which can effectively prevent children from touching.
②Add power safety helmets to all unused sockets at home to prevent electric shock accidents.

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