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What are the precautions for children's room decoration

Choose solid furniture
All babies in the world are the same, they all follow the principle that everything can be climbed, such as climbing cabinets, storage racks, TV cabinets, etc. However, if the furniture is not strong, it is easy to fall during the process of climbing or pulling the cabinet, resulting in the danger of injuring children.
Therefore, it is recommended that nurses:
The best way is to fix large furniture to the wall, or choose low stable furniture, and remember not to put fragile items in high places, because the collision of furniture will cause the chance of injury to the child!
To keep the movement of the house loose and smooth
After the child is born, the basic characteristic is that "anywhere in the house becomes the child's room".
Living rooms, bedrooms, and even hallways are children's turf. The energy of the bear boy will always be exhausted, no matter whether it is three-seven or twenty-one, he knows that he has to run around at home.
The wiring design at home is unreasonable, children and adults are stumbling, let alone children.
Generally speaking, children's activity areas are mostly living rooms and rooms. The range of activities from the living room to the room is reasonably allocated to be looser, and children need to "go around" to reach their destination, so they can run at home with confidence!
Reasonable moving line design is used to connect the whole space with each other, provide loose activity places, and let the bear children have a home that "can't run" at home.

Corner furniture
All sharp edges are forbidden! When I think of it, when many adults bear are with their children, the sharp corners of the cabinets, the corners of the bed and the door handles are easily overlooked, causing bumps.
Rounded or chamfered furniture designs can be used to avoid injury to children.
If you have purchased furniture, you can also add a multi-functional safety bumper for children, which not only installs gently but also effectively protects children.

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