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Is it necessary to buy a playpen? How to choose?

Many prospective parents and mothers with babies buy a fence for their babies. Many people ask is it necessary to buy this? This fence looks like a world for the baby, you can let him play in it by himself.
As the baby grows up, he can walk and climb on his own. Many edges and corners at home cause unsafe factors for the baby. At this time, you can buy a fence for the baby and put a lot of toys in it, which is still very good.
How to choose a baby fence
1. When purchasing, I recommend choosing plastic ones, because wooden and iron ones may cause harm to the baby if they arrive. So you should pay attention to this when purchasing.
2. Many people choose wood. It is recommended to check whether the wood is smooth and has burrs, and whether the paint spraying is harmful to the baby.
3. When purchasing, choose some brands, so that the quality and after-sales are guaranteed. Don't buy some fake ones from the market at a cheap price, which may bring unnecessary trouble.
4. When doing it, look at his workmanship, whether it is environmentally friendly, has a peculiar smell, and is moderately soft and hard, so that the baby will not feel pain when bumped, and see his protective effect.