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How to choose a baby safety door card

There are various styles and brands of child safety door cards on the market, which makes people overwhelmed, and mothers will be confused, not knowing where to start and how to choose. A high-quality child safety door card can well protect the baby from being pinched by the door, and can also protect the baby from being frightened by the sudden closing sound, but once the quality of the safety door card is not good enough, it will be useless. It doesn't work at all. Therefore, mothers should pay attention to these matters when choosing security door cards.
1. Look at the material
As long as it is a baby's product, you must first see the material clearly, to ensure that the material is safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, otherwise it is equivalent to buying a time bomb for your baby, as well as buying a security door card. The safety door card is something that the baby may touch. It is best to use environmentally friendly production materials to ensure safety and non-toxicity, otherwise it may endanger the baby's health. The security door card made of environmentally friendly materials is non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and durable. You can smell it when you buy it. If there is a peculiar smell or a pungent smell, you should not buy it.
Now most of the security door cards on the market are made of high-density and high-elasticity EVA material, which has rubber-like elasticity, and will be restored after extrusion, with good elasticity, strong toughness, and not easy to tear. Mothers can learn more when purchasing.
2. Look at the thickness and width
The thickness and width of the security door card is also an important consideration when purchasing. Generally speaking, the thickened and widened type is more sturdy and safe, not easy to break, and more durable.
3. Look at the adjustment range of the bayonet
The bayonet of some security door cards cannot be adjusted, so it may only be suitable for some doors, after all, the thickness of each door is different. You can choose the adjustable bayonet, and the range is slightly larger, so that it can be installed on different doors or different positions of the door, which is more convenient to use.