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How to choose a safety fence?

selection method

1. Look at the design.

The design of the interactive window should be reasonable, so that the baby will not be stuck during the interaction. The height of the fence should be scientific to prevent the baby from turning out of the fence, but it cannot block his sight.

2. Look at the material.

When choosing a fence, pay attention to whether the material is food-grade safety material that has been tested by the authority.

3. Whether the color is single, how is the color matching?

Colorful colors can not only strengthen the child's cognitive ability, improve memory, but also make the baby's mentality and mood more positive and optimistic.

4. Important details.

Whether there are burrs on the edge of the fence; whether the interface of the fence is easy to loosen; whether the thickness and hardness of the fence are appropriate.

The role of children's fence:

1. Free mother's hands.

The mother can put the baby in the fence when doing housework, let the baby play in the fence by himself, and can cooperate with some toys to make the baby more fun.

2. Keep your baby safe.

Babies are small and do not have the ability to act independently and discriminate, and are prone to a series of safety accidents due to random crawling. Fences can provide a safer environment.

3. Develop baby's intelligence.
The baby's intelligence is in the developing period from 6 months to 3 years old, and he is full of curiosity about things. Playing games with him in the children's pen, letting the baby learn to crawl, sit, walk, fetch, etc. can well open the baby's cognitive ability .