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What is a child safety door?

Families with children know that children are very curious and like to touch here and poke with their little fingers, which can easily cause electric shock safety accidents. The committee officially incorporated the protection door into the new national standard for sockets.
Preventing children's misinsertion actually refers to the function of the socket protection door. It is a group of plastic sheets with an interlocking structure, which can prevent the tiny probes from being inserted alone, and avoid the danger of electric shocks caused by children's mis-insertion due to curiosity. The protection door is divided into a two-plug protection door and a three-plug protection door. The two-plug protection door can only be opened when the L and N pins are inserted at the same time. The three-plug protection door can be pushed open and let it slide only when the ground wire plug is inserted first, so as to ensure that the electrical appliance works under the premise of effective grounding.
Of course, the protective door must have a certain hardness and elasticity, and the interlock needs to be safe and reliable to meet the requirements of simultaneous insertion and opening. Legrand sockets are products developed and produced in strict accordance with the new national standard. In order to protect users, especially children and the elderly, Legrand's socket protection door requires that two or three holes must be inserted at the same time, and it is never allowed to be inserted into a single hole. It can only be inserted when the strength reaches 40N, which can prevent the insertion of unqualified plugs and provide users with better protection of electricity consumption. Only plugs that meet the national standard can be inserted smoothly.

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