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What is the best child safety fence to buy?

Does the child safety fence work? Many people will ask such a question, why do some people still keep falling children after installing it? The bed guardrail can better prevent children from falling and falling. What kind of child guardrail is currently good?

Children's bed guards are actually very useful. Children's bed guards come in different styles, and the materials used are different, and the production process of each manufacturer is also different, but in general, it is for the protection of sleepers. What happens depending on the angle, more or less will have some effect, only the effect of the effect is different. Today's bed guards, many of which can be disassembled, easy to use, and can be carried, can also play the role of decorating beds, mainly used in infants, students and the elderly.

Children's bed guards can try to prevent children from falling off the bed when sleeping, maintain personal safety, and beware of injuries. Infants and young children cannot withstand strong falls and bumps, so they need to be maintained to avoid falling injuries. The child guard bed is a child safety protection product composed of steel pipe, high-strength mesh, engineering plastic, and metal accessories. It is installed with the side of the bed or the end of the bed. The bed guard is fixed on the side of the bed by the method of pressing the supporting feet by the mattress to prevent the child from falling off the bed.

Pull up to use the folding function, tight workmanship, easy to use, strong quality, round 180° reversible design. A layer of one-time molding rubber is used on the periphery, which avoids the problem of metal exposure, and the function is never confused. Reinforced wide surface structure design, the width is up to 37 mm, and the supporting force is stronger. After the installation, the underside of the fixer is reinforced with screws again. The mattress and the edge of the bed need to have a space of 1.0-1.5cm. Under normal circumstances, 99.9% of the beds can be used for workers. The tighter the space, the firmer the use.

Raw materials are also factors to be considered. They must be durable, firm and environmentally friendly. The places that children directly touch, such as interfaces, corners, and edges, should be rounded, smooth, and free of sharp angles.

It is very useful to know that the child restraint fence is very useful, especially in the maintenance of the child's personal safety, and can maintain sleep and prevent falls.

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