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How to choose bed rails and road guardrails?

First, you must first consider the bed type of your own bed.
Because the bed type of some bed rails does not match your own bed, it is too troublesome to return and exchange which ones you can't use after buying them.

Second, see if there is a gap in the middle of the bed rail.
If the gap between the guardrail is too large, the top of the baby's head is very easy to get stuck in the middle of the gap and cause a safety accident. If the guardrail surface is a mesh structure, it is necessary to ensure that the mesh structure surface of the guardrail has no holes, incomplete, and relatively loose sutures, so as to avoid unnecessary threads coiling around the baby's hands and feet.

Third, the guardrail aspect ratio
As the baby grows, the height is also growing. If you choose a guardrail that is too short, it is very likely that the baby will fall from the guardrail. Therefore, when choosing a guardrail, you must fully consider the current size of the baby. And the situation of growing taller in the future does not allow such a risky "Apple jailbreak" personal behavior to occur.

Fourth, bump bump
If there is a slender and long supporting point stick directly under the bed guardrail, you must take measures to prevent bumps and bumps. It can be wrapped with soft and firm raw materials to prevent the baby from lying on the bed and crawling on the top of the head. 

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