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Do you need to buy a fence for your baby?

There are all kinds of baby products on the market now, such as baby walkers, playpens and so on. Many parents will buy fences for their children, which can circle a small place for their children, which can prevent the baby from crawling and running around, and prevent the child from being knocked or touched. So, is it necessary to buy a fence for the baby?
It is still necessary for parents to buy a fence for the baby, which can free the mother's hands. The mother can put the child in the fence while working and cooking, and let the baby play alone. As long as the crawling mat and some interesting toys are placed in the fence, the children can play quietly by themselves, and can avoid the danger of the baby due to crawling and running.
The playpen can isolate a space for the child, and then temporarily isolate the dangerous elements from the outside world. There are many seemingly ordinary things that may cause harm to the baby, such as glasses, table corners, and thermos. Keeping the child in the pen will prevent the baby from touching these items, thus ensuring the safety of the child.
The use of the fence can also cultivate children's independence. The fence can provide a relatively safe personal space for the baby, allowing children to focus on games and thinking inside, which helps to cultivate children's ability to explore independently and focus, so as to avoid the need for children. The excessive dependence of the mother is very good for the child's future.
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