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Why choose a safety fence?

The baby safety fence provides a relatively safe play space for your baby, let's take a look
Spacious and flexible play area: The baby safety fence is a great solution for creating a safe play area for your child on any surface, both indoors and outdoors! When mom/dad needs to cook, clean, go to the toilet, etc., keep your baby safe in the play center, but please don't let your child hide in the playpen for a long time
Covers a large area: A playpen is a large space that provides enough room for a baby. This can help your baby learn to crawl or walk to some extent. You can also enter the enclosure to play or rest with your baby. The scientific height of the fence is 64 cm, which helps the baby learn to walk. At the same time, the baby can see the mother and father, giving the baby a sense of security and will not cry when playing
Pre-Assembled: Simply unfold the foldable panels to your desired configuration, then tighten the hinges to stabilize. No tools required. (The separate panels are removable.) You can also connect the two sets together to free up more space.
Custom Shapes: You can depend on different shapes such as circles, rectangles and hexagons. There are many interesting patterns and toys in the children's fence, which can be rotated to make the fingers flexible, which is conducive to the development of children's intellectual exploration
Door guard for baby dog pet gate safety gate protector security fence SG-011

Main Features:
1.Punch-free installation
2.Double-directionally opening
3.Open the door less than 90° automatically close
4.Keep opening at 90°
5.Fits opening from 75~82CM,width can be extended with additional extension
6.Double-locking system (easy for adults - difficult for a child)