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When can your baby start climbing stairs?

As your baby steps into toddler years, he'll go from mastering life on the ground to exploring the word vertically - from crawling and cruising to walking and, yes, climbing stairs.
Your child's ability to climb objects may make you understandably nervous, but there's no need to suppress your little climber's desire to move upwards. For him, rock climbing isn't just a new way to experience life from a new, exciting perspective - it also promotes coordination, boosts confidence and fosters independence.
Protecting your home by securing heavy furniture to the wall and installing baby safety stair gates is a must. But so does taking the time to teach your child how to climb stairs safely. While your parents might instinctively tell you to take your child away when he staggers toward the stairs, the truth is that educating him about stair safety means that when you're not around, he'll know if he encounters What to do with a series of steps. What better way to learn than under your watch?
As with other developmental milestones, the exact age at which your child becomes interested in stairs can vary. Keep an eye out for these stair climbing milestones.
By 12 months: If your baby is crawling or cruising, he will begin to explore more of the environment, including any stairs he encounters. On his first birthday, your newborn may start climbing stairs on his hands and knees. Once he has mastered the ability to climb upwards, which usually only takes a few weeks, he will begin to climb back up—usually by sliding or sliding down.
By 18 months: Once your child starts walking and has more stability on his feet, he is ready to take steps. At this age, he will take one step at a time, using two feet at each step - and with the aid of a railing (and possibly holding your hand).
By age 2: By his 2nd birthday, your child should be able to walk up and down stairs by himself. At this age, he may still be holding on to the railing.
By age 3: At about age 3, your child will walk up the stairs like an adult -- alternating feet with each step. He may still rely on non-alternating footwork when going downhill.
By age 4: At this point, your preschooler has mastered stairs—he can alternate feet with each step as he goes up and down stairs, and may not need to use handrails.

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