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Do I need to install a protective fence at home?

If there are children at home, it is recommended to install a protective fence. The protective fence has always been installed by many families. The material of the protective fence is different, and the safety factor is also different. Some people are also crowded out about the installation of the protective fence.

Generally speaking, the window sill of an ordinary residence cannot be lower than 90cm. If the window sill is too low, protective measures must be taken. The height of the protective fence must not be lower than 90cm. If there are children in the house, it is recommended that everyone try to control the height of the protective fence above 1.1m, and the distance between the fences should not be greater than 110mm.

A protective fence was built inside the window. Of course, in order to make better use of the bay window space, I chose to remove the bay window and made a locker table in the original position of the bay window. This can not only store things, but also serve as computer desks and so on.

Everyone knows that children often climb up and down at home, and bay windows without guard rails are prone to accidents. In recent years, there have been many incidents of children falling from windows. Therefore, it is still necessary to install it for safety reasons. Of course, if you think the above anti-theft bar is too ugly, you can choose to add invisible anti-theft windows, which is more beautiful.

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